Welcome to the Future Of Crypto Investing

Bankcoin Cash is an exciting new concept, tokens increase in value each hour through our unique and innovative exchange, Crypto Currency Exchanger Platform.

What is Bankcoin

Bankcoin is a new and innovative platform giving investors a powerful tool to generate wealth. Simply hold tokens and as each hour passes the value of Bankcoin tokens increase. Join ICO for future profit

BKC Token Value

Our unique business model is simple, the price of BKC tokens increase hourly. This price increase is released to the market yearly in advance BKC token growth. Investors are able to invest with a high level of confidence as they can see exactly what that value will be at a set time in the future. Any time BKC tokens are sold we burn 1% out of circulation. This is what creates the underlying value of BKC tokens.
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Unique Exchange Concept

Traditional exchanges just don’t work with the concept of a fixed price increase. We’ve radically rethought the fundamentals of exchange and come up with a long term investment model that works while also creating a thriving trading environment for the Bankcoin Cash community. The solution is an exchange that resets hourly, the price is fixed and consumers exchange BTC and BKC on a first come first serve basis. At the end of the trading session all buy and sell orders are reset and the price is increased. All users have an equal chance to buy or cash out at whatever level they want, if you happen to miss out, there is always the next hour of trade.

First Mover Advantage

Bankcoin Cash has a clear advantage and unique opportunity to grab market share quickly. Through exclusive partnerships with promoters and networkers globally we are taking an aggressive approach to ensure that we have a exclusive market of buyers and sellers and that we stay ahead of the competition and copy cats.

1st July 2019
International Master Card Service

Details of the ICO

The initial coin offering will run for exactly 65 days split into 2 rounds. Exact ICO Details can be found within the platform. At the end of the ICO our exchange platform will begin and members will be able to trade at the price set out in the BKC growth plan.


200000000 BKC




Nov 10, 2018


= $0.01 USD


    50000000 BKC





  • PRICE FEB 10, 2019

    = $1. USD (Price then increases hourly)

White paper

Read our whitepaper in order to learn more about the BKC platform, the token, the team and ICO round details.


Bankcoin Roadmap

    Product development
  • 10 NOV 2018
    Initial coin offering begins
  • 30 TH DEC 2018
    Initial coin offering closes
  • 10 TH AUG 2019
    Bankcoin Cash begins, internal exchange launched
  • 25 OCT 2018
    Smart contracts and token distribution to members
  • AUG 2018
    Security Review and platform upgrades
  • 30TH JANUARY 2018
    Token hits $10 mileston
  • 15TH FEBRUARY 2019
    Token hits $15-20 milestone
  • 1ST JUNE 2019
    Token hits $50-80 milestone
  • 1ST JULY 2019
    International Master Card Service