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Bankcoin Cash is an exciting new concept, tokens increase in value each hour through our unique and innovative exchange, Crypto Currency Exchanger Platform.

What is Bankcoin-Cash

Bankcoin Cash is a new and innovative platform giving investors a powerful tool to generate wealth. Simply hold tokens and as each hour passes the value of Bankcoin Cash tokens increase. Join ICO for future profit

BKC Token Value

Our unique business model is simple, the price of BKC tokens increase hourly. This price increase is released to the market yearly in advance BKC token growth. Investors are able to invest with a high level of confidence as they can see exactly what that value will be at a set time in the future. Any time BKC tokens are sold we burn 1% out of circulation. This is what creates the underlying value of BKC tokens.
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Bankcoin Cash Wallet
Unique Exchange Concept

Traditional exchanges just don’t work with the concept of a fixed price increase. We’ve radically rethought the fundamentals of exchange and come up with a long term investment model that works while also creating a thriving trading environment for the Bankcoin Cash community. The solution is an exchange that resets hourly, the price is fixed and consumers exchange BTC and BKC on a first come first serve basis. At the end of the trading session all buy and sell orders are reset and the price is increased. All users have an equal chance to buy or cash out at whatever level they want, if you happen to miss out, there is always the next hour of trade.


Token name: Bankcoin Cash, Symbol: BKC, Decimal: 8 , Token Type: ERC20, Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 , Contract address:


White paper

First Mover Advantage

Bankcoin Cash has a clear advantage and unique opportunity to grab market share quickly. Through exclusive partnerships with promoters and networkers globally we are taking an aggressive approach to ensure that we have a exclusive market of buyers and sellers and that we stay ahead of the competition and copy cats.

1st July 2019
International Master Card Service

Details of the ICO

The initial coin offering will run for exactly 65 days split into 2 rounds. Exact ICO Details can be found within the platform. At the end of the ICO our exchange platform will begin and members will be able to trade at the price set out in the BKC growth plan.


200000000 BKC




Nov 10, 2018


= $0.01 USD


    50000000 BKC




    Ethereum, ERC20

  • PRICE FEB 10, 2019

    = $1. USD (Price then increases hourly)

White paper

Read our whitepaper in order to learn more about the BKC platform, the token, the team and ICO round details.



Here you’ll find the most common questions and answers.

What is Bankcoin Cash?
We are a new concept providing customers the ability to invest in Bankcoin Cash Tokens which increase in value every hour. You have complete control over your investment at all times. Each hour our internal exchange resets, the price is fixed and buyers and sellers place their orders on a first come first served basis. If you happen to miss out, there is always the next hour of trade. Future token prices can be found on our website.
We generate revenue by charging a small administration fee of 1% when you sell your Bankcoin Cash tokens on our exchange. This fee funds the overheads for running service, advertising and employment costs.
With any investment there is always risks, crypto platforms have traditionally been at the higher end of the risk spectrum due to the low barrier of entry. Bankcoin Cash is fundamentally different, our members will control the tokens as they are all sold in the ICO. Management will invest in the ICO just like everyone else and our team is already committed to buying $800,000 in the first round of the ICO. We make money by providing a transaction fee when you sell your tokens, this fee is used to operate the business and generate profits. Put simply, we don’t have any motive to close down the platform as we don’t control tokens and our underlying success is based on the community and using our platform long term.
Although untested we believe new investors will always be available even in later stages of the project when the coin price is into the thousands per token. Our unique exchange concept gives everyone a fair opportunity to buy and sell 24/7. We also provide detailed analysis on each hour of trading so you can make informed decisions at all times. The key with any investment is to do your research and Bankcoin Cash will provide full transparency at all times.
Bankcoin Cash was founded 3 months ago out of pure frustration with the passive crypto investment industry. This segment of the industry has unfortunately seen too many pump and dumps, scams, and failed attempts to put together a winning team and project. When the founders started this project one of the biggest topics we initially discussed was the teams identity. Do we reveal or do we stay anonymous? We ultimately decided to stay anonymous…. for now. Before calling Bankcoin Cash out as a scam take a moment to read why we decided to take this path and why we feel its the correct decision and in the best interest of the project long term. There are two camps, those who want projects like these to stay completely anonymous as to prevent giving regulators an easy target and those who think the silver bullet and what will determine the success of one of these projects is the team revealing there identities. If you buy into long term success of any project you understand that the bigger you get the more pressure government agencies will want to come in and regulate, collect user data and tax the operation. We felt this was the single biggest factor given current market conditions. Some Investors today have trust issues, which is completely understandable. You should always do extensive research into the project you are considering investing in, what motive a team would have in shutting down the project. For us, there is little to no advantage for us closing down the business as the key to our success will be holding the tokens we have purchased, growing the business, and generating fee’s through the exchange.
You firstly need a referral to join, this is easy to find through the internet, on our social media pages or YouTube promoters. Once you have a referral you can Join ICO don’t need registration quickly and easy. Once you have funds you can easily invest through the ICO or the exchange.
For Bankcoin Cash to work we needed to reinvent the whole exchange experience from the ground up. The internal exchange is based on one hour trading sessions. At the end of each session all buy and sell orders are reset, and the price is increased as per our token growth plan. Each member has a fair and equal opportunity to sell at the start of each trading session. You are able to buy or sell with no limits imposed on members. The system is designed as a first come first serve business model. You will need cleared funds in order to buy tokens on the exchange. In the event only part of your sell order is filled you only pay fee’s on the sold quantity of tokens.
Buying tokens is free, when you sell your tokens there is a small fee of 3% which is deducted at the point of sale. The fee is broken down into the following: 1% Token burned forever 1% Referral fee 1% Administration fee
Each member is able to refer other members and invite them into the platform, if someone uses your referral link to join ICO they will now be in your downline for life. Any time they purchase tokens from the exchange you’ll receive 20% of the transaction in BTC credited directly to your account My Etherwallet Address. Through the referral section of the platform you’ll be able to easily track and record each transaction and monitor the growth of your network. The more members you refer who are active in building our community the more rewards you gain.
At this point no, we feel that running the token on an external exchange will degrade the overall value placed in the token and allow a secondary market to take away volume and bidding from our internal exchange thus destroying the concept of Bankcoin Cash. We will run an open and transparent platform so that members can see in real time, trade volume and track transactions through the blockchain. Our stance on the external exchanges might change in the future if we see it can add value to our platform and members.
The token is designed to be traded on our internal exchange. We burn a small percentage as part of the transaction “fee” this over time reduces the amount of circulating tokens and is a core element of value for the token.
We have designed a working model that we feel works long term and is sustainable. It’s broken into 3 phases; short, medium and long term growth. In the short term there will be the biggest profits to be made as we build awareness and our community grows. We want to offer the most attractive incentives for members to join and participate in UpStake. As our community grows naturally the risks are lower and as such the tokens rate of increase monthly adjusted to long term sustainable numbers. We expect this will be in the range of 15% - 25% monthly. Initially Bankcoin Cash will provide the 2018 and 2019 token price data, as a standard we’ll provide price data yearly in advance to members.

Bankcoin Cash Road Map

    Product development
  • 10 NOV 2018
    Initial coin offering begins
  • 30 TH DEC 2018
    Initial coin offering closes
  • 10 TH AUG 2019
    Bankcoin Cash begins, internal exchange launched
  • 25 OCT 2018
    Smart contracts and token distribution to members
  • AUG 2018
    Security Review and platform upgrades
  • 30TH JANUARY 2018
    Token hits $10 mileston
  • 15TH FEBRUARY 2019
    Token hits $15-20 milestone
  • 1ST JUNE 2019
    Token hits $50-80 milestone
  • 1ST JULY 2019
    International Master Card Service